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Very popular as go-to after workout, Protein powders are an essential ingredient we should be fitting in all our foods. These power packs are not just for body builders out there, but can be taken by every individual looking to reap some major health benefits. Recommended dose of daily protein intake helps us cut down cravings, increases energy, replenishes muscles and most importantly - aids amazingly in weight loss.


Buy Protein Powder - Put in a shaker cup, blend it with milk, fruit, nut butter or any other fun add-on for your delicious instant snack or your meal replacement. This supplement is not only for the liquids, it can also be used for making a variety of dishes from cupcakes and muffins, lasagna, doughnuts, dips and many more. Protein powders are low in calories and can be super simply tossed into the food you are taking everyday. Lets get started!


  • Banana Oatmeal Cookies - Perfect cookies for your breakfast which make you feel good with protein-packed peanut butter and protein powder keeping you full for hours. You’ll surely fall in love with these sweet treats.
  • Cocoa Banana Muffins - The ultimate mix of chocolate, banana and oatmeal, these muffins are gluten free and make an amazing breakfast dish.
  • Paleo Pumpkin Protein Pancakes - These fluffy pancakes are gluten-free and full of flavor and nutritious to boot. They are very simple to make and the ingredients include nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice, perfect for the brunch.
  • Cream & Strawberry high-protein Oats- Simply adding some fresh strawberries to boring oatmeal and vanilla protein powder makes a tasty dish and a high source of fiber. It can be cooked on the stove for 5 minutes and can beat any packed sugary version.
  • Chocolate Protein Waffles - Often made for the weekends, these Waffles are naturally sweetened with the bananas and coconut flour and provides a perfect balance of fat, protein and carbs. These waffles can be served with your favorite toppings or fresh fruit or a scoop of greek yogurt.

Main Dish

  • Pumpkin Protein Burgers - These vegan burgers are anything but boring. Pumpkin puree offers enough moisture to the chickpea base which is high source of protein and fiber. Although any unflavored protein powder can work well, pumpkin seed protein powder is recommended. You can add a few veggies as toppings.
  • High-protein and Low-carb Chicken Pasta - Try out pea protein powder in the savory pasta dishes. Giving a whirl with a low-carb pasta adjoining with meaty, cheesy dinner with some broccoli or cauliflower and mixing up everything.
  • 10 Minute Power Pizza - Yes, benefit your pizzas with this powdered stuff and using buffalo mozzarella in the toppings which can be prepared in just 10 minutes.
  • Black Bean Veggie Burgers - Black beans are rich source of fiber and that makes them rich in protein. Made with black beans, carrots, potatoes and leeks, chewy patties giving a smoky heat from paprika and cayenne.
  • Meaty Lasagna - A perfect meal for a post-workout dinner. Lasagna calls for preparing the pasta form scratch. Just infuse protein powder and you can use packaged noodles and the ricotta layer surely adding extra dose of protein.


  • Mini Pizza Muffins - Topping the pizzas with protein powders and baked with mozzarella and pepperoni, they make perfect pizza cravings and party appetizer for the little guys.
  • Oil-free Carrot Cake Protein Bars - These are the gluten-free bars that use bananas and maple syrup as a sweetener with some spices like cinnamon and nutmeg giving extra flavor. If you do not like raisins, you can swap with the chocolate chips and drizzle coconut butter on the top to make them delicious.
  • Almond Butter Protein Granola- Creamy almond butter, flax seeds and oats all are the powerful ingredients with a vanilla protein powder giving a yummy flavor fully loaded with greatness. You can have this with milk like a cereal or with the yogurt.
  • Cake Batter Balls- Yes, you can eat that with your hands! This cake batter does not need baking and still satisfies your sweet tooth with a good dose of protein. As it is totally vegan you don’t have risk of salmonella.
  • Rosemary Oat Crackers- These little crackers can be made with only few ingredients, where brown rice and oat flours are purely gluten free and the fresh rosemary gives a delicious taste. You can also try another herb such as thyme.

There are endless ways to top your food or make snacks with protein powder to get a boost of hunger-squashing supplement into your body. You can also toss popcorn or baked chickpeas in chipotle powder or chocolate protein powder to give a perfect balance of sweet and salty. Additionally, you can mix these powders in your granola mix or one of these energy bites.

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