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For those not aware, many recent studies in the world of dental industry UK claim that it is not just food, but also some drinks that can badly damage your teeth. You will find many posts over the web explaining how sugary food can badly impact the oral hygiene, but there is still dearth of useful information available on how a few drinks can impact on your teeth.

While it’s rare to find a dentist who won’t admit that drinks equally hurt the teeth as solid food, but the damages may differ in both the cases. Thinking which drinks I am talking about? Read on.


Here are the 4 drinks that can badly hurt your teeth

Fruit Juice

You may probably know that sports drinks and sodas may hurt your teeth hygiene due to sugar and acid content into it, but you often overlook on the sugar content of fruit juices; it may be probably due to the many health benefits of fruit juices. While it is certainly not wise to stop drinking fruit juices, it does make sense to limit the intake per day and make sure you rinse your mouth property after you drink it up.

Tea, Coffee and Red Wine

Most of the people know that taking over quantity of all these beverages – tea, coffee and red wine, can cause yellow stains on your teeth. But very few of them are aware that teeth with yellow stains are more vulnerable to bacteria, which eventually increase the risk to cavities. In order to avoid any such dental problem, it is recommend to limit the amount of these beverages and make sure you always rinse your mouth with warm water after having them. What’s more, you can use a straw to skip the interaction of these beverages with your teeth while drinking them up!

Bottled Water

If you mostly drink up bottled water, you are actually overlooking the many dental benefits of ‘fluoride’ mineral. Fluoridated water help prevent natural tooth loss, tooth decay and many other oral problems. It ensures a range of tooth-fortifying advantages.

Over Usage of Cough Medicine

If not all, a good number of OTC cough medicines comewith a higher amount of sugar content into it. And using such medicine quite frequently can lead to dental troubles. There are a few other medicines, including antihistamines (dry mouth) and birth-control pills (gum disease) that can cause dental problems.

Now you know why you need to watchful for what you drink up. Bhandal Dental Practice, a leading dental services provider in Coventry, offers cosmetic dentistry services such as teeth cleaning, feelings, extractions, ceramic crowns and bridge treatment, root canals, teeth whitening, dental implant, dentures, veneers, lingual braces, inlays, orthodontics and gum treatment. They also offer general dentistry services and emergency dental services, making them a one stop shop for any dental problem or need in Coventry, UK.

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About the Author:

Jennifer is a blogger and associated with dental implant clinic in Coventry, UK. When not busy treating the dental problems like of his patients, she shares useful information about dentist teeth whitening.

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