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Whatever may be the occasion, cakes are an integral part of any kid’s lookout. For most kids a nicely baked and decorated cake is simultaneous with happiness.

Nowadays for convenience there are stores that deliver cakes if ordered online. Even better, they have the cake customized according to your wishes.

Fortunately,cakes are one of the least harmful, rather healthy ways of spreading joy among small children and also mature adults.

Brighten up your kids’ day with fantastically themed cakes available for online delivery.


Here are the top picked themes for kids:

Cupcakes with a message : Order the cupcakes your child prefers the most and add a loving message to it. This will serve both the purposes of surprise and elation. The child is most likely to expect an ordinary cup cake and hence will be overjoyed on receiving such a pleasant surprise of written messages on cupcakes.

For better ideas, you can have names of preferred cartoon characters and action heroes written separately on each cake, and each of them may be differently flavoured. The most popular of this type is birthday cupcakes with a warm wish carved or written with nuts and cream on the cakes.


Cake designed on games or sports : If your kid is game-crazed and has a special flair for athletic activities, a game-themed cake will send him/her right into cloud nine with glee. There is football based vanilla cake for the football fan and snake and ladders chocolate cake for the kid who loves board games.

All you have to do for a timely delivery and astounding finishing is order the cake prior to a month of the event. It gives the specialists time for innovating and perfecting the cake.


A cup cake tower : A three or two tier cake is certainly a great idea and an even better gift, but if you want to make it brighter and more innovative for your kids, a cup cake tower would be the ideal option. Not only for kids, will a cup cake tower have a marvellous impact in any party.

Delicious as they are these tiny cupcakes will never let you down in terms of their appearance which is just in keeping with their taste. This would be a fabulous party table centre piece for guests to remember and your kids will devour them with immense pleasure.


Delicious cake slices : This comes in the form of éclairs or biscuits whichever you or your child may prefer. Deviating from the usual cake delivery rule, you can order these slices online and have them delivered at your doorstep in promised due time.

UK is rich in strawberry and walnut production; it is only wise to make the most of it. Look for cakes made out of these key ingredients and get quality cakes at a cheaper rate. Leading of this category is caramel slices and rocky road biscuits both of which are Britain’s best sellers.


Animation cake : Liven up the spirit of your kid’s party with a gorgeously animated cake which can be flat or up to three tier. You have the liberty to choose the fillings and even the layering.

Most of them come with toy characters which are keepsake and provide a dazzling garnishing of the specialized cake. No need of worrying about safe transit because the responsibility lies with the store and the seller to deliver the order safe and sound without a scratch, failing which you are liable to refuse the delivered product.

The tiered cakes just need a few simple steps to be set up and once done is great fun for the kid as well as the whole family.


Customized photo cake : Nothing bespeaks love and affection more than a lovely and delicious cake which has a favourite picture added to the topmost layer. This category of cakes is definitely the most exciting and soul-stirring for kids.

To have their own photograph along with dear ones on a splendidly layered and flavoured cake is sure to make their day! This is a unique item providing a breadth of fresh air among the monotonous similar looking cakes found at local shops.

The picture should be clicked preferably in a digital camera for clarity and smoothness in structure. This is also an intensely private and innovative item for gifting.


Flavoured cake : Add mirth and life to your party with rare flavoured cakes. Children love flavours and the juxtaposition of different ones in a cake will make them go gaga with excitement.

Most popular in the list is honeycomb cheesecake made exclusively with fresh and rare ingredients. The base is made out of graham crackers and peanut butter. The top layer is drizzled with rich dark chocolate while the filling is made out of supreme quality cream cheese and powdered sugar.

Another top favourite is blueberry cheesecake which is an absolute delight for berry and cheese lovers. Lemon Meringue is also a hit among kids who at growing age have a sweet tooth for sour tasting foods. The cakes are generally delivered freshly baked so that the flavours are unsullied and mesmerizing.


Give your child the joy of an exceptional gift with a themed cake designed exclusively according to your choice and preference. The internet does not lack in online gift stores that deliver products all over the country and even the world, but it is necessary to rightly select the reliable store and choose the correct gift for your child.

Things wear out easily, it is just a matter of time till the pricey gift you had presented is tattered and forgotten. It is hence wisest to gift a food product, the essence and memory of which is most likely to linger in the minds of recipient for a long time.

When cakes and fun themes come together they have the potential to create miracles beyond imagination. If to eat is to live, then deserts like cake must be the soul of existence and adolescent or toddlers are bound to find utmost pleasure in them.

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