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I’m convinced that everyone in the world loves cake. They have to, surely?

For me, the flavour of coffee in cakes is just heavenly. It certainly features in my top three cake and butter cream flavours. And don’t even get me started on amaretto. What a joy it is to be half Italian and thus recipient of endless tin boxes of amaretto biscuits. Buonissimo! 

My mum taught me this recipe. Though she’s not Italian, she’s an absolutely fantastic cook. When we still had our Italian restaurant, she’d make pavlovas every weekend and they’d be polished off very quickly. If I had to describe her in three words they’d be: beautiful cake goddess. 

I don’t have specific measurements for this recipe. It’s more of a - if you like lots of amaretto, go for gold - type cake. 


Two eggs


Self raising flour




Icing sugar

Amaretto biscuits


Pre heat your oven to 160 - 180 depending on how powerful your oven is.

With this recipe, all of your main ingredients should be the same weight - so firstly weigh your eggs and then make sure your sugar, flour and butter are all the same weight as them.

Mix your butter and sugar with an electric whisk (unless you have a Kitchen Aid mixer which I couldn’t recommend highly enough). Then add in your eggs one at a time.

While mixing in your eggs, add two tablespoons of amaretto, then fold in your flour - which you must sift through a sieve first to get rid of any lumps and bumps.

Once the mixture has been whisked within an inch of its life to get lots of air circulated through, pour into a round baking tin. I use one with a removable base and pop baking paper on the bottom. Put in the oven for around 20 to 30 minutes - and check it’s done by poking a skewer or cocktail stick through the middle. If it comes out clean then you’re all good to go.

Whilst your cake is cooling you can make your butter icing. Mix butter with icing sugar and add half a small cup of coffee (instant is fine but don’t tell anybody). Again, for me this is a keep going until you get the right consistency job. I often end up adding a lot more icing sugar so have it on hand. When people actually start to read my blog I’ll figure out proper measurements. Use a knife to spread the mixture all over the cake. 

And finally, the finishing touch - a dusting of amaretto biscuit crumbs. I smashed a handful of amaretto biscuits and then scattered them all over my cake. On reflection, I’m sure it’s easier to pop some in your blender, but hitting things with a rolling pin is always quite enjoyable.


The combination of coffee and amaretto is just delicious. Make it on a Sunday afternoon and then sit down with a lovely hot drink and enjoy. 

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