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Blistered Miso Green BeansSKIP TO RECIPE

So. Green Beans. Its a bold move, I know. For one, now you can at least sleep at night knowing that we don’t eat cupcakes all day every day. I do make sure we eat our veggies. But when I do, rest assured it's in an interesting way.

If you are wondering why I’ve decided to give a usually underwhelming vegetable it’s own dedicated blog post, this should be a testament to how wonderful these are. In all honesty, I made them as a side for dinner one night in an attempt to use up a gigantic bag of green & yellow beans that a neighbor and friend here on the island gifted me from her garden. And Mr. Romansky and I can’t remember for the life of us what protein I made that night to go along with these because the green beans were so much more memorable. Like I made these AND something else, but genuinely can not remember what that something else was. So I guess what I’m saying is this recipe turns green beans from an often obligatory, uneventful side dish into something that is quite possibly (in this case definitely) more exciting than the main course.

Some things that make these Green beans so standout are the fact that they are BLISTERED for instance. Pan roasted until charred and bubbly in some spots adds a depth of flavor you would otherwise not usually attach to this veggie. Or MISO. I sneak miso in things as often as I can because it’s unbelievably versatile. Its sweet, savory, nutty, and salty all at once without being overpowering in any way. Also other delicious things like Cilantro, Lime, and Garlic get added and that can never hurt.

This recipe is Gluten & Dairy Free, Vegan, only involves a handful of ingredients, and can be made in 20 mins from start to finish.

Blistered Miso Green Beans


5-6 garlic cloves, thinly sliced lengthwise into disks
1.5 lbs green beans, trimmed
1 Tbs preferred oil with high smoke point (like coconut or avocado)
2 Tbs fresh squeezed lime juice
3 (heaping) Tbs Miso paste*
1 Tbs Agave nectar or Maple syrup
1/4 cup chopped cilantro
pinch each of flaky salt, pepper, and Sriracha or crushed red pepper flakes

*I used brown rice miso because it’s what I had on hand, but white is fine too

Blistered Miso Green Beans


Mix the lime juice, miso and agave or maple in a small bowl to make a paste and set aside.

Heat the oil in a large flat-bottomed skillet over medium-high heat and then add in the green beans in as close to a single layer as you can acheive. Let them cook, without moving them in the pan so they begin to blister. Even though it is tempting, don’t shake the pan or move the beans around, because they need time to char. After 2-3 mins, toss them again so they redistribute and a second round of beans have an opportunity to blister at the bottom of the pan. Add in the sliced garlic, and continue to cook the green beans and garlic together, tossing every 2-3 mins for perhaps a total of 10 mins or until the beans all have numerous blistered, blackened spots but are still al-dente. Remove the green beans from the heat, and toss with the miso mixture, coating evenly. Transfer to serving platter, and top with cilantro, fresh cracked black pepper, flake salt, and chili flakes. Enjoy immediately!

Blistered Miso Green Beans

Adapted, slightly, from this recipe from Bon Appetit


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