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Cincinnati Chili is a tradition for sure. But what makes it a tradition for those of us who live in the Queen City? Is it the taste? A memory? Or is it the convenience and availability? For me it's memories.

I have had all the major brands, Empress, Dixie, Skyline, Gold Star. Now I'm seeking out the smaller but also well known parlors in the city. First on the stop was Chili Time. Convenient to Clifton and Northside - Chili Time is located in St. Bernard on Vine Street.

A plain old cheese coney without mustard and onion. Note the copious amounts of cheese.

Chili Time boasts something a little more special than your average parlor. They will serve you a heaping plate of crinkle cut fries with house made sausage gravy with a giant wad of cheese on top. These are deeply satisfying and delicious. The first time I had them I pulled out a giant piece of sausage on my fry. Win!

Here's the showstopper. A regular 4 way (onion). Can't even see the noodles for the cheese can you? There is something about their chili that is really appealing to me. It's meatier than others and the sauce isn't as spiced with cinnamon. It has that deep rich red hue and just hits the spot sometimes.

If you don't partake of the Cincinnati Chili they also have dinners, sandwiches, salads and soups.

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