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Have you seen those cute candy cane spoons you can find near the Christmas baking items in your local craft/ cake supply store? It's festive enough to place a candy cane in a yummy hot cup of cocoa, but the spoons are just too cute! (Not to mention, more ideal for "stirring".)
Sure, buying them is always the easiest thing to do, but making them is pretty darn simple, and literally takes MINUTES to do!
All you need is these three things:
Silicone spoon mold
Candy canes
round peppermint candies

A super easy and fun treat to do at home, and even with your kids!
These pretty spoons make great gifts this time of year, and would be perfect for coffee or hot chocolate lovers!
Got a holiday or sledding party coming up?
These can be done ahead of time and individually wrapped- in any color or theme. Still hooked on Disney's "Frozen"??? Simply purchase some fun blue & white candy canes, (Like "Starburst", "Jelly Belly", etc.), and use them for stirring in some "White" hot chocolate! As always, the possibilities are endless!

Prep Time: 5 min.

Yield: 8+ spoons


Silicone "Spoon" mold
Candy canes (any color you wish!)
Round peppermint candies **I used Brach's "Star Brites"
Cooking spray


Preheat oven to 300F
1) Spray your clean silicone mold, and using a paper towel, blot out some of the extra oil. (You don't want the mold to have "bubbles" of oil, or be too greasy!)

2) Place a round mint in the spoon cavity, and doing your best to keep the candy cane stick intact, place the straight piece of candy cane in the handle part of mold. (Refer to pic below. Note: in the pic below, it was my first attempt, and I broke the straight piece of the candy cane- which still worked, but best to keep as whole as possible!)

3) Place mold on a sheet tray, and place in the 300F oven for about 11min. ***Ovens/ temps will vary, so check the spoons after about 8 or 9min.
Candy in mold should be melted, and spreading perfectly into mold. If any "holes", simply pull out of oven, use a tooth pick to carefully pull the melted candy into the hole to even out, and return to oven for 1-2 more minutes.
***Be careful not to overcook! The white candy will begin to "yellow" if in for too long.

4) Remove mold from the oven, and allow to cool at room temp. for about 10-15min. Carefully remove from the mold, and repeat the process if you wish to make more than 8 spoons.

5) If you choose to go a step further, you can melt some chocolate, (be sure to temper if necessary), dip half the spoon in the chocolate, and then dip in your choice of sprinkles or sugar. Wrap individually, and give away as gifts, or enjoy by placing in your favorite cup of hot chocolate or coffee!






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