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I was recently sent a couple of teas to try from In Nature -which, from the start already had me intrigued by their descriptions and the overall philosophy of their company.


According to their website, "We sell only loose tea in its natural form, originating from the best tea gardens cared for by families who have hundreds of years of dedication and commitment to the tea tradition.... Tea is not simply a drink, it is a way of life, it is the very essence of eastern traditions, culture and civilisation." Their teas are also natural and organic - a bigger plus, as I feel better about eating/drinking things that are not altered genetically or sprayed with harsh chemicals. (Actually, I think most people feel this way -am I right?!)

Anyway, I first tried the Pure Tibet Spring Tea -which is hands-down my favorite! When you first open the package, you can't help but look twice at these tiny dried, fragrant flowers. Gorgeous! The aroma is mouth-watering and I really couldn't wait for that teapot to boil already!

Once I had a cup, I wanted another and then another.... I usually drink my tea unsweetened or with a very minimal amount of honey or sugar (all organic, too - just for good measure). I didn't need sweetener at all, and the best part is that I could re-use the tea (egg) infuser over and over again, without losing any flavor or robustness.


It took me so long to even TRY the other tea sample, because I was, admittedly, hooked on the Tibet Spring Tea. I didn't mean to be unfair, I just didn't want to drink anything else.

Alas, I tried the Pure Fresh Green Tea -and it, too, was simply marvelous. It is smooth and you can really taste the quality. Plus, it says that "Green teas may assist in slimming...." right on the package. I mean, seriously? Do I need another reason to drink my green tea? If you do, green tea has been shown to have benefits to prevent osteoporosis and cancer -as well as their anti-oxidant and anti-stress qualities. The In Nature website has a blog and many other tips for tea drinkers to peruse on their pages.

While I fully disclose that I was offered complimentary samples, I would not write this review if it were not honest.

These teas come from England and are worth the wait -which, to be honest, was minimal, considering that they went via air mail. Since I order almost everything online -including my groceries and sundries- I don't mind waiting for delivery and I'm used to it. Plus, the cost is extremely reasonable and affordable. I also like that In Nature has a loyalty program and a guarantee for their products.

Since I am starting to run low on the Tibet Spring Tea, I'll be sending a replacement order, soon. 

For any tea connoisseurs reading this, you won't be disappointed.... or simply grab some boxes as a great holiday gift for the tea drinking season, I'd highly recommend giving In Nature a try - no matter what your knowledge of tea might be. It is good for you and has a lot of health benefits.
Just be sure to tell them NYCFG sent you! :)


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