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It's the holiday season once again, and you know what that means-- parties everywhere. But admit it, parties can be a little bland if not done right. You have to spice things up with a little variety.

Experimenting with different tastes and cultures is one way to amp up your party. Cue fusion cuisine. Preparing fusion cuisine can be really tricky, especially if your taste buds have already adapted to your usual home-cooked meals, but it sure is fun to be creative once in a while. The idea is to take a common home-cooked meal and then add elements from a different cuisine. You may also take inspiration from the fine gourmet crafts of Thomas Olivers, available for catering.

In this list, we are featuring Asian Fusion food choices that your guests will surely love!


Dan Dan Noodles
Dan Dan Noodles is a traditional dish from China, but in the Chinese-American version, peanut butter is used as a defining ingredient, in place of the traditional spicy sauce. Get the recipe here.


Japanese Salmon Burgers
These very easy-to-make burgers are made with our favorite Japanese flavors, nori and wasabi. Moreover, it only takes 15-30 minutes to prepare this delightful dish. Get the recipe here.


Chicken and Char Siu Rolls

This oven-baked Chinese-fusion side dish takes only 15-30 minutes of your time in the kitchen. You may serve it with a Mediterranean minted yogurt sauce. However, you can also try experimenting and come up with your own dipping. Get the recipe here.


Banh Mi Chicken Burger
Burgers are an American staple. What happens if you fuse it with something a little more exotic? Then, you can season your ground chicken with a combination of bold Asian spices, and sandwich with your traditional Vietnamese Banh Mi. Voila! Get the recipe here.


Sticky Honey Garlic Spare Ribs
Here's a fun Asian take on the classic spare-ribs. Honey, garlic, onions, Japanese tamari, and sesame seeds. Aside from that, it also pairs really well with good Korean Kimchi! Get the recipe here.


Lemon Salmon Stew
Aside from being and Indonesian-fusion dish, the Lemon Salmon Stew is also a marriage of seasons, fusing Winter with Citrus-y Summer hints. Get the recipe here.


Spiced Chicken Wings with Roasted Tomatoes
Take the world's all-time favorite starter and turn into a flavorful roasted main course with this aromatic dish. It boasts a combination of different flavors, blended into a bright puree. Get the recipe here.


Apple Asparagus Mini Skewers
This Chinese-fusion flavorful dish makes for a good last minute party starter. It is very easy to prepare, and very pretty to look at. It is also perfect for Autumn. Get the recipe here.


Spam and Egg Onigirazu
Onigirazu is basically an onigiri that's easier to eat on-the-go. It's a fun way to channel your Asian-fusion creativity. You simply fill it with your favorite flavors like a sandwich, so try one with spam and egg! Get the recipe here.


The kitchen is a conducive place to let your creativity juices flow and run wild. With a little help from this list, you can be on your way to becoming a fusion cuisine chef!

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