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As my husband lives with Celiac's Disease, it's not always fair or easy select restaurants or spots to just pick up something good to eat on the go. In fact, a lot of people aren't even aware of what Celiac's is or what it means. And just a quick FYI point: Celiac's is NOT a gluten allergy. It's a big misconception.  Basically, people with Celiac's cannot process gluten the way most of us do -and there's no secret pill that will help them digest it, either. They eat gluten and bad things happen. They don't just pop a Benadryl and call it a day. It's a messy and very terrible thing if someone with the disease has something to eat with gluten in it.

Italian Bowl

Ok, I promise that I won't get into the details -I'm only trying to point out that it's a food challenge when dining out, so when a person with Celiac's finds something that is NOT a salad for a main entree, it's really a big deal!
Anyway, earlier today I happened to find out that Dogmatic was introducing a new "bowl" with a "This Summer, Go Breadless" campaign. Immediately, I was thinking salad or rice-based bowl. That's usually the standard thought process, right? SO glad to know that I was wrong!

I've had the Dogmatic regular fare in the past. I love the flavor of the dogs with the selection of gourmet sauces combined with the perfect crusty bread shell -and most of all, they use organic, nitrate-free products. That's a BIG plus when you're talking sausages. God knows what some companies put in them. I like my food hormone-free and on the healthier side whenever humanly possible. And I love my bread. It's a different disease all its own. Sorry. Dogmatic serves sausages with really good bread, people.

Greek Bowl

Although I have a secret: I never wanted to tell my husband I actually ate there... because I knew he couldn't enjoy them along with me. It was a guilty pleasure of sorts. And really, I had a problem saying the name of the joint: Dogmatic. (Seriously, say the name at least 10 times in a row. By the time you've said it 5 times, it's just silly to hear yourself and you'll probably stop.)

I know. A little stupid. (Insert eye roll here.)

But you learn to keep quiet about gluten-laden items when you know someone you love cannot have the same things. No doubt about it, my husband has denied himself a lot of the things I take for granted. I will mentally explode if I have to give up croissants. I will have to be admitted to Bellevue and put on suicide watch.

Ok. That was complete random digression. Let's get back to the gluten-free delish dishes.

Asian Bowl

The three new bowls Dogmatic has introduced are: Italian, Greek and Asian. All had such incredible flavor! My personal favorite was the Asian bowl -the chimichurri sauce gave it a little tangy zing that was much appreciated. I'd recommend that Dogmatic consider using a green papaya salad base, although the current slaw they use now is quite tasty. (It's just a suggestion for consideration!) The Greek was my husband's choice due to the fresh cucumber, tomatoes and onions laden with just the right amount of mint yogurt sauce. And the Italian bowl also had a big, big plus with its olive tapenade, fresh tomatoes and bean salad. Again, I want to point out that these bowls weren't lettuce or rice based. No preservatives or antibiotics used, either.  

Over the years, my husband and I have ordered a lot of gluten-free stuff together and we have our favorites. And now, we have some more choices from my previously guilty-zone of a dine-and-dash restaurant that is sure to see me again -with my husband. My secret is no longer.

Now go say "Dogmatic" several times out loud. Tell me if that sounds ridiculous and intriguing all at once!


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