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Most young children enjoy a cold ice cream cone or a cup of ice cream on a hot day. They often enjoy the various toppings that you can put on the frozen treat as well, such as chocolate syrup and a cherry. Older children can often use ice cream spoons as they usually won't make a mess.

Remember basic health guidelines that say roughly, “under one is just for fun”. Don’t expect to feed your children only solid foods until after 1, and sweets should wait as long as possible. Children won’t eat veggies once they discover ice cream. That said, Gelato Products reminds you that ice cream presents several choking hazards for children.

When you're feeding younger children who might want to quickly enjoy the treat, consider using frozen yogurt spoons. You can get spoons in various sizes with smaller ones often working better than those that are larger for young children. The child won't get as much on the spoon, which means that there won't be as big of a mess. It’s also easier to use a smaller spoon to

One of the things that you will notice with gelato spoons and other smaller varieties is that children sometimes don't eat as much since the utensil isn't as large. About one scoop is plenty for most children. A small spoon can sometimes be held better by the child than a larger spoon, which can give the child a feeling of independence. Avoid using a lot of liquid toppings as these can add more calories and can usually lead to bigger messes for the child. Items like fresh fruit slices and gummy candies usually work best when it comes to ice cream toppings as these are a little healthier and don't tend to drip on the table or on the shirt.

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