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traditional german heidesand cookies shortbread recipe browned butter Christmas holidays baking dessert authentic

A traditional German Christmas treat, Heidesand are delicious shortbread cookies that are made with browned butter.  A personal favorite, we made these every Christmas growing up along with several other German holiday classics, a few of which I’ll be posting, so stay tuned!

Pronounced “hi-deh-sund”, it’s an age-old classic German cookie, mostly eaten during the holiday season.  Heidesand translates as “heath sand” and has its origins in the Lüneburger Heide, a beautiful heathland area in northern Germany that my family and I always loved visiting.  The terrain is sandy (the cookies’ namesake) and slightly hilly.  In season it is covered in gorgeous purple heather.  Most of it is a nature reserve and it is a popular north German tourist site.

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