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The post Hello Dollies {& Video} appeared first on Allergy Girl Eats.

Hello Dollies are easy to make bars! Start with a graham cracker crust and layer with chocolate, raisins, dried cranberries, and condensed milk.

Hello Dollies are made of delicious layers one sweeter than the next. Start with a thick graham cracker crumb base, add chocolate, raisins, dried cranberries, if you want to go tots crazy add white chocolate chips, cover with condensed milk, and bake until caramel goodness is created. That’s all! I can feel the sugar coma already!

I bake my own graham crackers for the base to make sure they are 100% allergen free. After you make the crackers, simply crush them in a big freezer bag and crumble any remaining larger bits with your hands.

You seriously only need a tiny piece because they are packed with flavour in the most delightful way!

Get the recipe and read more about Hello Dollies >>>

The post Hello Dollies {& Video} appeared first on Allergy Girl Eats.

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