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My kids and I are donut lovers and enjoy everything from boutique donut shops to Krispy Kreme. I prefer making our own donuts at home over anything (except for Dough in South Tampa because they are AMAZING) and love to experiment with different flavors. With Mother’s Day just a few days away, they kids and I plan on making our own donut bar at home and creating some delicious memories. Today as I was sipping on a glass of my current obsession, Indian River Select Orange Honeybell Blend juice, I had a tasty idea. What if I could whip up some flaky donuts with an orange Honeybell glaze? I mean, I had everything at my fingertips and decided to go for it. The result was a beautiful donut that is light and flaky with a sweet orange finish.


If you have never made biscuit donuts then you are missing out. My mom used to make biscuit donut holes with cinnamon sugar for my brother and I when we were kids. I started making them a few years ago for my kids and my daughter’s favorite is topped with Nutella. While Nutella is vital for my existence, I must say that my number one favorite donut is an old fashioned glazed. They are just too good for words when they are warm and paired with a cup of French Roast. Simple, yet decadent, they are like biting into a warm sugar cloud. If you have a can of biscuits, vegetable oil and a Dutch oven, you can make your own donuts in minutes. They are so easy and delicious, you will never buy anything pre-packaged again.


Ok, so let’s get back to my luscious orange donut recipe that evolved from my daydream during breakfast. Living in Florida, the state’s signature fruit is a huge part of my life. The kids and I enjoy them in every form, especially orange juice. I discovered Indian River Select Brand Orange Juice a few years ago while browsing the juice section at my local Publix. 100% pure Florida juice, it is produced with peak season fruit that is carefully chosen from the various growing regions throughout Florida. It is then then gently squeezed, blended and carefully pasteurized, thus yielding a taste that is almost indescribable. Indian River Select Orange Juice has truly turned me into a Florida juice snob. After sipping on their juice, I just can’t go back to the other brands. I recently spotted their limited edition, Honeybell blend, and I currently have three bottles in my refrigerator because it is THAT good. If you are not familiar, Honeybells are only available for a short time and are considered to be nature’s perfect orange. Sweet in flavor with an abundance of juice, I use them when I can in recipes. Recently I made an olive oil citrus cake with Honeybells and it was to die for. Their skin is such a gorgeous shade of dark orange that it really adds color to recipes. How could a Honeybell orange donut not be a good idea?


I popped open a can of biscuits and placed them on a large cutting board. Next I cut holes in the middle with a shot glass since it is all I had and is the perfect size. (What can I say, I keep things classy in my kitchen). I then heated vegetable oil to 350 in my most prized possession in my kitchen, my Le Cruset Dutch Oven. While the oil heated, I sipped on my coffee and began making my glaze. I blended together confectioners sugar, Indian River Select Honeybell Blend Orange Juice and the zest from a Honeybell orange. As I figured, it was perfect and ready to meet my biscuit donuts. I then fried my donuts to a nice golden brown and dipped them in my gorgeous glaze. Stunned at how good they were, I could not contain myself and ate three before going on a 2 mile run while dreaming about opening up my own donut shop. 😉

If you try this recipe, have fun with it. A good friend of mine loves the flavor combination of chocolate and orange so I also made some dipped in a Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel sauce along with the orange glaze. As I figured, they were divine. If I can take an idea and make it into a delicious reality, so can you. I would love to hear about your donut adventures in the kitchen.


If you live near a distributor of Indian River Select® Brand juices, I encourage you to try them. You can sign up to receive loyalty coupons here.


Source: Indian River Select® Brand

**Disclaimer, I am receiving compensation in exchange for this post. Recipe and opinions are all my own.

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