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I awoke with a start at 4 A.M. one day early last week and could not fall back to sleep. After deciding it would be best to get up and quit tossing and turning, I wafted downstairs and pulled out a coffee cup from the cupboard, thinking a hot cuppa Joe would be the best way to salvage the dawn. To my utter dismay, when I reached for the bag of coffee, there wasnt enough in it for even a cup.

When my husband woke at 6 that same day, he registered my disgust at the lack of coffee, and realized that neither of us could be trusted to keep us stocked on coffee. He wanted to see me happy, so he sneakily went online and investigated his choices: The Moustache Coffee Club, which had been recommended by a close colleague at work, caught his attention. He was impressed and delighted to see that the coffee was shipped the day it was roasted, so we would be assured of the best, freshest coffee every day! That very morning, he bought me a gift subscription to one of the companys convenient delivery plans - specifically the Duet Plan, which sends us 1, 12 oz. bag of rich coffee every week. Now, we are set for life.

Each week, I greet every morning with relief as I know the Moustache Coffee Club has sent us their finest brew, each of which is selected with exceptional care and consideration and chosen at the peak of its growing season. Recently, we sipped on Huila Penol that was grown on the Penol farm in Colombias famous coffee-producing Huila region; it combined the flavors of chocolate, toffee, and raisin and was superb. Later, we sampled Huila Villa Juan from the same region, which had overtones of apricot, pomegranate aril and thyme. La Cruz coffee tasted of red apple, cherry, and stonefruit, and we were delighted by its smoothness.

Whats neat about the Moustache Coffee Club is that you can purchase coffee - from a bag every week to a half bag every other week - for as many months as you like, assured you will be treated to the taste of rich beans, carefully chosen at their peak, each time. Like I said: The company ships the day the beans are roasted, so at this point, were spoiled: We would not accept less than what the Moustache Coffee Club offers!

See their gift offerings here.


-- April

April Watkins

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