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The Super Bowl is a sacred day for those who think of football as a necessity in life. This is a time for copious amounts of fried foods mixed with some great company. Throwing a Super Bowl party can be quite stressful as one poor party can disqualify you from hosting the event in the future especially if your friends are the type to hold a grudge. Being prepared for the party is the most important aspect as scrambling around last minute is just asking for disaster. The following are some tips to throw the party of the century for the biggest game of the year.

Meat, Meat, and More Meat

The staple of any great party for a sporting event is having a large variety of meats. Chicken, sausage, burgers, hotdogs, and much more can be thrown on the grill or in a smoker. Obviously you are going to want to have a few sides to go with the meats like fries, tater tots, or even a salad. Offer a few meat free options as a main course as well as not everyone eats meat. Don’t go out of your way to provide a vegan option as they know what they were getting into when they made that choice.

An Area To Play Cornhole or Throw The Football

Playing something outdoors is a great way to have fun before the game or during halftime. Make sure the game is relatively relaxed as you do not want to have to consult someone for a sports injury if you get hurt. If it is too cold to be outside there are plenty of games that can be played inside. This could be a time to play some cards or even test your luck at beer pong. Darts is another favorite but make sure it is the electrical version as math become difficult after a drink or two for many people.

Don’t Skimp on the Alcohol

The best thing that can be done is to gather some money from people who are going to the party and to splurge on alcohol in bulk. This can be a great way to save some money as well as the environment by getting a keg instead of cases of beer. Make sure that wine is available as well for those who aren’t fond of beer. Liquor can be served but make sure the attendee isn’t driving as this could leave you liable.

Throwing the perfect party for the big game can have quite a few implications. This can become a tradition to have the yearly party at your house. Inviting the right boss from work can even benefit your professionally. If you haven’t thrown a great Super Bowl party this year you should try it out!

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