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There are few things better than attending a fun backyard BBQ during football season even if you aren’t a huge sports fan. The atmosphere is relaxed and everyone is looking to unwind from a long week at the office. Not all BBQs are created equal though as certain people just seem to have a knack for throwing a party. The atmosphere, the group of people attending, and the food all play an important part in putting together a BBQ that everyone will be talking about for weeks to come. The following are a few ways you can ensure you throw a great BBQ during this football season.

Specify Whether It is BYOB or Not

Nothing kills a football tailgate or backyard cookout more quickly than a lack of communication. Alcohol is a huge part of cookouts as people like to have a glass of wine or a cold beer with their food while watching the games on TV. Specify during the invitation phase whether it is BYOB or not. This could have an impact on whether people drive to the cookout or take an Uber as they might have a drink or two. Communicate with your guests and get everyone on the same page whether you use a group text or an email thread.

Meat, Meat, Meat

Meat debatably is the most important thing to bring to a cookout. Many people correlate football with smoked meat and BBQ chicken. Having a few types of meat is important as some people have dietary restrictions for health or personal reasons. Besides having meat there should also be some sort of desserts to satisfy the sweet tooth of the crowd. The OnTheGas mixer reviews can allow you to pick the best mixer possible. Make sure that you have food that nearly everyone can eat…..except vegans as this might be too big of a task especially for those who know nothing about the vegan lifestyle.

Enough TVs

Nothing can start an argument more quickly than fans thinking that their game is the priority. If you don’t have an extra few TVs to bring outside you can easily ask a few of your guests to bring a TV. These should be kept under some sort of cover like a tent so the glare from the sun doesn’t blind everyone and cause them to miss the play of the game. This tent can be a great way to beat the heat although the warm months in many places around the country are coming to a close. Not all games will be televised so having a TV that continually shows scores can keep all attendees informed on the games going on that day.

As you can see it is important to think of the small details when having a get together for a big game. Enjoy the time that you have with your friends and cheer your team on to victory. Throw a great football cookout and people will come back week after week!

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