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Maple🍁 Shortbread with Maple Glaze


Maple Shortbread are prepared
in this decorative shortbread baking pan by Nordicware.
I don't even remember where or when I purchased this pan.
(I'm pretty sure I found it at the Dig n' Dive🙂)


Recently, we have started to remodel our kitchen (again) and
I found this pan in the back of a cabinet that I very seldom open.
One of those "lost in space" cabinets.


I have several Nordicware pans,
so I was surprised when I found this pan...
Surprised and happy...
I was thrilled that I found the pan when it was in "season" and
not in the summer months,
when it would have no doubt been lost to me again...
I couldn't wait to try out my "new" shortbread pan.


Maple Shortbread are buttery and delicious.....
the Maple Glaze gives the shortbread
just the right amount of sweet, maplely goodness.🍁

Even though Maple🍁 season is technically in the spring,
I always associate maple and maple syrup with winter...
Maybe that's because maple syrup is drizzled over so many
wintery comfort foods such as; pancakes, waffles, and french toast.
Maple syrup is also delicious when added to frosting or glaze.
The following recipe for Maple Glaze,
would also be perfect over cookies or cake.

Get the recipe here!

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