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Or so I’ve heard. My eyes? Maybe. A certain duo jutting out below those baby blues? Sure, why not. Occasionally the compliment was about a pair not anatomically correct to my anatomy, but rather attached to certain bold behaviors I’ve exhibited from time to time. … Continue reading →

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Welcome to Cooking in my heels, the ramblings and recipes of an ex-executive and serious food lover in her fabulous shoes. I’m Karin, a cook, baker, recipe developer, cooking and baking teacher, aspiring entrepreneur, blogger… and that well-shod ex-exec. After years of a career in the NYC non profit and corporate world, a lay-off in late 2009, the subsequent crappy job market, and a mid-life realization that life was short and I wasn’t doing what I loved, I gathered up Pradas, pots, pans and a BIG bucket of chutzpah and this Gotham gal moved from NYC to small town Oregon to live, work, blog and hopefully grow a business from my love of all things food. These days my world is a little smaller but my kitchen has grown, and you can find me in it developing recipes for clients, creating artisanal products like grissini and chocolate truffles for local shops and restaurants, or tutoring new cooks and bakers in Hood River, OR. And of course, writing about it all, and the adventures of a life-long city gal in a small west coast town in Cooking in my heels. This, as they say, should be interesting…