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A party is meant to be a celebration and not a chore. Having said that, I bet that you- like me - can relate to feeling cajoled into turning up to an event when you would much rather stay home with the cat.

No one wants to think of their wedding as being just another obligation on their guest's calendar. But the fact is that many wedding end up being fundamentally similar and you'll often see the same faces, the same party essentials, the same form, the same themes, the same music and the same décor at each one.

This is where event planning comes in. Good event planning brightens up all types of events, whether for business or personal reasons. There are a lot of event planners out there that are all jostling to get the next great idea out there.

The event planner is a silent party hero who decides on everything from décor and guests to playlist and menus. The skilled event planner will always find a way of making event basics seem extraordinary.

The expertise of event planning especially applies especially to weddings. Whether you are a professional wedding planner, are planning a wedding for a loved one or planning your own perfect day, the ideas below will make sure your special day really is special.

Custom labels

An idea that will be tailorable to your wedding and is in vogue right now is custom label printing for wedding materials. These include placemats, invites, where-to-finds, bottled water, beers, wine, champagne, balloons and more. Label printing has been made popular by making custom printing cheap and accessible. The great thing about this is that the messages, typography and style are all personalized so that your guests will never have seen the same thing done before.

This gives your wedding a personal touch and engenders an atmosphere of exclusivity that separates your wedding from the humdrum and mundane.

Create a hashtag

A wedding includes many different kinds of people. It’s not just a joyous occasion for you and your future spouse. In fact, your friends and loved ones will be almost as excited as you. A great way of getting people involved before the day is by creating a hashtag and encouraging people to share on social media about the forthcoming event.

Create or choose a signature cocktail


Booze is an accepted part of most weddings. You can make the commonplace extraordinary by making your own wedding cocktail and naming it. This provides another talking point and helps to separate your day from the everyday, whilst observing tradition.

Pick a fun theme

Theme weddings are a sure-fire way of ascending your wedding beyond convention. You can pick a theme that truly reflects personality or an interest that is shared between you and your future spouse. Maybe you went to a concert for your first date, have a favourite film or TV show you enjoy have a particular artistic style or historical period of interest. A theme gives consistency and is a great way to bring together your guests.

These are just a few ideas that will make for a memorable day. Choose a few personal wedding touches and guarantee that none of your guests will be looking for a way to get home to their cat!

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