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Another late night Cincinnati chili parlor. If you're up my way, it's either early or late and you have a specific...craving. Look no further than Pleasant Ridge Chili. Open until the wee hours of 4 am this diner will accommodate your every need.

A delicious house salad awaits with a copious amount of onion and hard boiled egg. Hits the spot when you're not able to hoover down a 4 way.

Or maybe you'd like a nice steak hoagy with a grilled bun. Yum!

Ok this is serious business. If you have that craving for something messy, warm, gooey, and fried look no further than the gravy cheese fries. Crinkle cut fries smothered in cheese and brown gravy. These will hit the spot and stick to your ribs.

And last but not least the obligatory 4-way with onion. Pleasant Ridge Chili has a recipe that is less meaty than others and a little light on the spices. Think of it more as a sauce than a chili. It's still really, really good.

A delicious trio of beauties. The cheese coneys are definitely worth the trip alone.

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