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The post Salmon Patties (Gluten free) appeared first on Allergy Girl Eats.

Salmon patties are made using frozen salmon, so you get the fresh salmon flavour without breaking the bank. They are also delicious as salmon burgers!

Salmon patties! I love salmon, but not what it does to my wallet. Luckily these salmon patties are delicious, and they are made with frozen salmon, which means you won’t be bankrupt at the end of the meal. Win win!

These salmon patties are not picky about what they are served with. They make excellent salmon burgers paired with homemade whole wheat buns. If you must know, I ate these patties as salmon burgers before running my fastest half marathon, pretty much they are a power food! But most of the time I’m not carbo-loading, so we serve the patties over a fresh salad with either guac, chipotle quark, mango salsa, or all three! And maybe just maybe some sweet potato oven fries!


The post Salmon Patties (Gluten free) appeared first on Allergy Girl Eats.

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