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With summer coming up the invites for backyard pool parties are beginning to be sent. There are parties that people will not miss and you want that party to be yours. If this is the first pool party that you are hosting then this is going to set the tone for summers to come. There are certain aspects that should be covered for everyone to have a good time. The following are some things that you will need for your pool party.

Have Food For Everyone

While not everybody can be pleased by the selection of food at your party, it is important to have vegetarian options. This is something that you can send out on invites or Facebook groups. While not everyone’s diet should be kept in mind it is important to ask everyone about food allergies. Marking what is in each dish is important as a severe allergic reaction can put a damper on a party. The usual burgers and hotdogs can be an option but here is an interesting twist to usual backyard parties. Adding a Sriracha deviled eggs to the menu will be something that many people are talking about being a must have at the next gathering. Trying a twist on a classic is risky but it can pay off if done correctly.


While not everyone drinks, there isn’t a better place to have a cold adult beverage than inside a pool or sitting around it. While normal beer and wine are usually the fallback options for this type of party, this is a chance to make a customized drink. Some people fool around with different types of recipes but there are a few favorites. Strawberry sangria or even strawberry lemonade mixed with vodka can be a light refreshing drink for the adults to enjoy. There are plenty of different option online for these types of drinks so pick the one you think your guests will enjoy the most. Stay away from heavier drinks as heavy drinks in hot weather can lead to people feeling bloated and sweaty.

Outdoor Kitchen

This will make everything much better as nobody will have to be digging through a cooler for anything. Having a nice bar fridge can be a place where the food for the party is kept as well as the alcohol. When cooking for a large group it can overwhelm an indoor fridge so the extra storage of the fridge on the pool deck is useful not only during the summer. Having a grill under an overhang outside as a part of the built in kitchen can give relief to the cook as many people know the nightmare of cooking hot food in hot weather.

As you can see, there isn’t a science to throwing a great pool party. Just by having the essentials with your personalized touch on it, you can make your pool party the one all of your friends look forward to all year. What are some of the things you do to make your pool party unforgettable?

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