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Throwing a holiday party can be a staple of a family or neighborhood. This is a time for friends as well as family to have some fun together. Your job will most likely have a party but this party is that one where you only have to invite people you love and like. Throwing one of these parties can have big social implications along with you being the first pick when people think of next year’s party. These parties have been known to be a bit unhealthy in the past, this doesn’t have to be the case and everyone can still have fun. The following are some ways you can help throw a relatively healthy holiday party.

Grill and Bake Certain Items

Everyone wants to fry up quite a few items for a party like chicken wings. Try to bake or grill a majority of the meats you are serving if possible. This will help reduce the calorie count immensely and those who are good on the grill can impress the guests. There might be some things that have to be fried for an old recipe so make these traditionally. Another great way to control the type of food brought to the party is requesting healthy items that are needed from guests.

Use Fruits To Sweeten Desserts

Fruits are a great way to help make desserts a bit more healthy. These sugars are healthier and even a dentist could approve a blackberry crisp. Desserts with thick icings made from sugar and cream cheese can be quite heavy and could put some weight on guests and not to mention the cook. Having fresh fruit around is a great dessert for those who are watching their calories as everyone might not use the party as their cheat day.

Light Beer

Alcohol is the staple of holiday parties as many people bring their new love interest. It is a social lubricant and can make a guest who knows very few people a bit more comfortable. Nobody will complain about free beer being offered so offering light beer can allow more room to eat as well as cut down on the calories consumed. If you are providing liquor as well you should offer guests diet options for their mixers. A diet soda mixed with alcohol will have less of a caloric impact on the drinker.

Skip The Eggnog (But Have Some Available)

Eggnog while one of the most incredible things about the holidays. A person can rarely hold themselves just to one cup though especially if it has had alcohol added to it. Provide a bit of eggnog but make sure you do not indulge in too much personally.

Throw a great holiday party and don’t have your guests regretting what they ate the next day. What are some of your tips for throwing a healthy holiday party ?

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