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Turkey Stuffing is the corner stone of any Thanksgiving meal. This recipe has it all, with turkey drippings, fresh sage, onion, celery, Asiago, artisan whole wheat and cornbread.

Turkey Stuffing

This Turkey Stuffing is one of those yummy family recipes that my mom would always make! After I graduated from college I was living in Tulsa, OK , some friends of mine were cooking Thanksgiving together and I was in charge of the stuffing. So, of course I had to call my mom to get the family recipe. I actually still have the original piece of paper I jotted down the recipe on.

Apparently I was very detailed oriented back in the day because it reads like this…

  • Lay out Bread
  • Celery
  • Onion
  • Sage
  • Turkey juice

What can I say… I was a Communications major! LOL

Turkey Stuffing

My mom always made her cornbread for the stuffing from scratch. I think it always tastes better that way, and plus it super-easy. (You can find the corn bread recipe below.)

Edith's Homemade Cornbread

You can also purchase it pre-made at your local grocery store to cut down on prep time.

Turkey Stuffing

I remember my mom laying out slices of bread on cookie sheets a day or two before so they would dry out. That method is tried and true but a quick alternative is drying the cubed bread out in the oven on 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes.

Turkey Stuffing

She would have used basic white bread but I took it up a notch with sliced artisan whole wheat bread. And, because everything is better with cheese I added “roughly” 14 ounces of Asiago focaccia bread. There may have only been 10ish ounces of Asiago bread, I really couldn’t say for sure. I needed to make sure the taste profiles matched up so some taste-testing was in order.

I’m sure you understand.

Turkey StuffingTurkey StuffingTurkey Stuffing

And what would stuffing be without celery, onion and fresh sage (from the garden of course!) But, we all know who the belle of the ball is in this recipe, now don’t we?…

Turkey StuffingTurkey StuffingTurkey Stuffing

… turkey drippings and butter of course! It’s literally the secret sauce! There’s also a few eggs added to the mix as well.

Turkey StuffingTurkey Stuffing

Give it a good stir and it’s ready for the oven.

Turkey StuffingTurkey StuffingTurkey Stuffing

I love all the flavors and textures from the different types of bread, the veggies and the fresh sage. And I love that it it takes me back home in just one bite. Thanks Mom!

Turkey Stuffing

Oh and if you’re looking for everything else that goes along with the Turkey stuffing, and a bit of entertainment, check out our Friendsgiving Supper Club post!

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