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I know that we all love to receive presents. For many of us it is not the size of the gift or how much it cost that matters. It is the actual fact that someone thought enough of us to make the effort. I for one am ecstatically happy when I can tell that someone has put some thought into something that they have made or bought for me. That is why food gifts can make excellent presents.


They can be individual and personal:

When someone makes or buys you a food gift they have generally thought about what it is they know that you like. Something like a food hamper will often contain treats that they have noted that you have a fondness for in the past. You can also make unusual food gifts which will be remembered for many years to come. There are so many different specialist and gourmet food items out there that there is bound to be something which will catch your imagination and show the person that you are giving the gift to that you care enough to make the effort. I know that when someone gives me food as a present that they have generally considered my likes and dislikes at some level.

You can Share Them:

How often do you receive a box of chocolates or a cake and share it with family and friends who are around you? Food is a very social thing. We sit around the table talking when we have our meals and it teaches us to interact with each other from a very young age. Sharing sweets as children creates friendships that can last into adulthood. So receiving a food gift often results in us sharing it with others and in doing so spreading the feel-good factor that comes with receiving such an awesome gift. Food gifts bring smiles to people’s faces and make them think of you when they are enjoying them. Make this a more permanent thing by creating a cooking kit which contains ingredients and cooking tools or utensils such as dishes and you will be thought of every time they are used at a mealtime.

More Meaningful:

Actually taking the time and effort to locate something which you know someone will enjoy, or to make it for them is hugely meaningful to someone. Even if you are not very good at baking or do not consider yourself to be a domestic goddess you will be surprised at the reaction that your efforts will receive. Do not doubt your ability to impress when it comes to a food gift. Think about times that you have spent with the recipient and then cater to their tastes. They will see what it is that you have done.

There are many ideas and suggestions out there for the type of thing that you can give to someone when it comes to food. Use your imagination and make someone’s day.

Julia Gomes

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